The “D” Word

6 Aug

Today, I needed to write this for my daughter, Mia. I needed to write this to remind myself what’s normal. To remember to teach her what’s normal. I find myself obsessing and worrying about whether she will struggle with her weight. For Christ’s sake she’s only 6! I know. I know it’s wrong. But the “D” word has infiltrated every facet of my life from the time I was young. And I realize now that maybe the “D” word is partly to blame for all of my issues.

Measuring Tape Spaghetti

Diet is a 4 Letter Word

The harsh reality hit me like a ton of bricks a few days ago. I was eating an apple when Mia said to me, “Mom, is this one of your diet foods, because I need to be on a diet, too.” I was disgusted with myself. I had neglected to teach her about choosing healthy foods that are good fuel for your body. She had spent her entire six-year-old life surrounded by women enslaved by the “D” word. Every woman she knew was on Weight Watchers, or Atkins, or Doctor’s Weight Loss, etc, etc. My daughter did not know one woman who simply cared for and appreciated her body and ate healthy foods to nourish it. I knew that had to change, otherwise she would be doomed to be a slave to the “D” word like the women before her. And she’s just too damn good for that.

Mia on her 6th birthday. Too gorgeous and sassy to be worrying about diets.

I began purchasing a weekly fruit and vegetable basket from a local farm. It became an exciting experience for us to share. Every Wednesday is like Christmas morning, and the kids want to talk about the fruits and vegetables and what kind of vitamins they have and how they help your body.

Our Lee Farms basket

I realize my decision to get sleeved has a lot of implications for a lot of people, especially my children. I want to change their attitudes and misconceptions about food and diets now, before it’s too late. Eating better is a good place to start. Embracing myself is the next step.

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