Day 8 post op

8 Sep

My New BFF

So this week has been interesting . Everyday around 4:00 I get a fever , it climbs to about 100.2 and I can’t take the discomfort and I take 2 Tylenol ( of course my go to would have always been NSAIDS) and it goes away . Next day I feel great , starting to do more things then Bam! Fever is back .

Thursday night (day 6) it goes to 101.8 , next morning I call drs office and of course they tell me to go to ER.

Arrive at ER 11:00 a.m . Check in , Another IV is put in ( I have small veins so always a fun time) chest X-ray ordered . Oh yeah , failed to mention that I was having tight chest feeling and had pneumonia 6 months prior I was pretty convinced this is what it was . And I had not been blowing on my BFF ( yeah , I know double entendre) .

Chest X-ray came back showed no pneumonia (yet) but some infiltrates , but they admitted me drs ordered and wanted to do a CAT scan of my stomach for further evaluation .

Well , I just wanted my antibiotics and I wanted to go home .

I had the CAT scan at about 7:00pm and I was cleared to go home after the radiologist says it is clear .

Well they admitted me to an overflow room . One large room with 6 beds petitioned off by curtains . Well I was willing to do this because my intent was to go home ! 7:00, 8:00 , 9:00 no radiology report .

10:00 and the natives are getting restless . The dude next to me decides that he wants to chat through the curtains . He is a RNY patient from 3 years ago , he and his wife are long haul truckers , he lost 250 pounds , he loves strawberry protein drinks , needs a banana bag for his hospital stay , he has had 5 hernia operations all over the country . ……. 11:00 no report ……. He is unhappy about the overflow room , doesn’t understand the nurses and why since he was here earlier in the week he had to give the same information again , and his favorite Popsicles are orange……. 12:00 am no report . I ask nicely hey , great conversation however you getting sleepy yet ?
“Ahh heck no I am bipolar and have been awake for 4 days ” ahhhhhhhhhhh I see knowing this is going to be a very long night !

1:00 am report comes in . Not the news I was hoping or expecting . ” an encapsulated hematoma has been detected ” I am not going home .

So a sweet sweet nurses aide comes to me and says well you aren’t sleeping want to go hunt down some sugar free Popsicles ?

Ahhhh now this is an Angel sent from God . We walked to the bariatric floor and she went and talked to charge nurse and got Popsicles . We walked back and gave the orange one to my bipolar friend ( oh yea all lights are on movie is blasting , so the natives didn’t calm while I was gone ) .

2:00 am sweet Nurse comes over to me and says transport is here for you , a room has come open on the bariatric floor . Ahhhhhhh. I may get some sleep after all . Bipolar friend is ranting why he isn’t getting a room and that is all I heard until the peaceful wheelchair ride to the 3rd floor .

Beautiful welcoming room with soft ambient lighting ( never noticed this last week when I was here ) was a sight for sore eyes .

20130907-213207.jpg I was so happy I took the picture upon arrival .

IV fell out again , had to be replaced new blood work had to be drawn so finally fell asleep about 4:00 am . 7:00 am change of duty , rounds and on and off sleeping , with whispering a of another surgery .

10:00 am Dr arrives and explains :

Fever is because of several things :
1) dehydrated ( yep not drinking enough fluids . guilty !
2) lungs diminished due to me not blowing my BFF
3) encapsulated hematoma of my spleen ( large blood filled bruise is how I interpret this ) this is from surgery and might even be common but most people don’t have CAT scans that soon after surgery to know . He feels confident that surgery is not needed .

Yahoo ! Great news !
I was sent home with heavy antibiotics , drink your water !!! Blow my BFF lots ! And come into office next week for 2 week follow up .

I came home had a great day feeling good got cute toes done , pedicures always make me feel better .


6:00 I am excited to have my first puréed meal . Chopped ham blended in food processor with laughing cow cheese . Sounded yummy at the time , I ate 3 oz and so so full !

Feeling achy and tired take temp back to 99.8 . Yep I am not done yet . Blow , blow , blow , sip , sip , sip .

Now who said this was the easy way to lose weight ?

Lessons Learned
1) drink fluids
2) blow on the BFF every hour 10 times when awake
3) thankful for sweet nurses
4) follow drs advice !

Feeling confident that tomorrow will be better .

2 Responses to “Day 8 post op”

  1. TCarr September 8, 2013 at 4:13 am #

    You are amazing! Thanks for filling me in on how you are doing. I was worried ’bout ya. Love the blog! ((Hugs))

  2. themexcellentcook September 8, 2013 at 5:23 am #

    Definitely keep your fluids up…dehydration is no joke! Hope you are feeling better.

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