So it’s been a while…

23 Jan

Yeah, I came to update my stats, since I try to update them regularly, and realized that neither I nor Allison had updated the blog in 2 MONTHS…um, whoops!

In our defense, the holidays + our busiest time at work + our graduate programs + our families leaves us little time to do much else, and blogging takes a backseat.

Hopefully we’ll get better at making a weekly post at least. So Allison is around 5 months post op now, and I’ve just passed the 3 month mark. Both of us have lost around 50% of our excess body weight which some days feels like not enough, but when you look at the progress we’ve made in a relatively short time, it’s really incredible. The picture below is a before and after of a shot I took at a wedding in June and then wearing the same (oversized) dress and cardigan in December. It’s hard to believe that used to be me!

Before and Now

I think we both have to admit that the holidays somewhat derailed our eating. We both experienced some frustrating stalls and not nearly enough time in the gym. But I think a huge part of this journey is identifying your problem areas, correcting them and moving past them.

I’m working on doing some 5K training and I have to say, I’ve never found running so therapeutic. I can do a 60 second run/30 second walk interval so effortlessly and sometimes try to push myself more…but I really shouldn’t do that since it creates muscle pain/injury that I want to try to avoid. We are running a local Run or Dye 5K in April and I’m looking forward to being able to run most of the race.


This week I’m working on focusing more on my eating. I find myself hungrier these days and snacking more than I should. So I’m trying to find ways to be conscious of that snacking habit, and make good choices when I do snack (cheese, meats, etc) versus giving into the carb monster.

In NSV news, today we had a weird bomb threat/evacuation at work, which caused like 500 people to head for the stairs. I’m happy to report I didn’t get out of breath at all going down the three flights of stairs, or coming up them. In fact, I think it’s made me commit to using the stairs more regularly. With time NOT on my side, sneaking in exercise when I can

is a big contributing factor to my success.

So my goal for the 4th post-op month is to reach the magic 199.9 number. I can do it, right? Only 14.9 lbs to go!

I’ll leave you with a pic of myself and my hubby celebrating our 10th anniversary in NYC about a month ago. It’s awesome how much easier it is to do everything a vacation requires when you lose half of your excess self!


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