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5 Months Post Op

30 Jan

It has been a while since I posted so I will start out by sharing my current stats:

SW: 264, Size 20/22

CW: 206, Size 14

Surgery Date was August 30th so officially today is 5 Months!

I have learned so much about my new body some hard to learn some not so hard.  Here are some revelations:

  • When I feel full, I NEED TO STOP EATING! Otherwise I am in pain and end of throwing up.
  • This is not a quick fix.  I still watch everything that goes into my mouth.
  • Carbs are my enemy. They were before my surgery and still are.  When I eat breads, pastas, etc.  I gain.
  • Exercise has to be a HABIT!  No real loss without it.
  • Follow the plan, eat protein first then veggies.
  • One piece of fruit a day for a snack helps me be regular.

Those are my thoughts for today.  I wanted to share my current revelation photo.  The photo on the left was right before surgery with my cute daughter August 2013, the photo on the left is my cute daughter again and December 2013.  When I don’t think the scale is moving I look at this image and I am reminded of how far I have come.



Thanks for reading!




13 Nov

So I have been frustrated this week and Lindsay reminded me “Blog About It” . So here it goes . I have been at same weights for 2 weeks , I track all my food I drink water (can always have more) , eat 60-80 gm of protein and work out 2-3 times a week . Not perfect but not too bad either . Up 2 lbs down 2 lbs , up and down up and down so the scale doesn’t move . I have lost 38 lbs sine august 30th . That’s good but how come all the other sleevers on forums drop so much more ??

I don’t want a pity party I just want this stall to move along . So this week I have kicked my work out up to every day . I am going to try not to weigh myself until Sunday and not be frustrated ( for too long) .

I love seeing fellow sleevers on myfitnesspal I would love to pal up and learn how you guys are doing it . Add me at allisonkeney2.

Also found a new free app worth sharing : this app breaks down the statistics of the process . It showed me that I have lost 33% of my much needed weight loss . My average weekly loss is 3.64 . In reality I couldn’t do this on my own , I needed the sleeve and need to remind myself that this is not a quick fix , it is a tool . It is still up to me , up to me to stay on the path no matter how long it takes .


Avoiding Halloween Pitfalls

30 Oct

Halloween candy









Halloween Tricks

As we embark upon the holiday season, the first holiday that can be difficult for me is HALLOWEEN.  I am not sure why, I am really not a fan of Halloween.  My kids always dressed up, I didn’t .  I have a pumpkin but I don’t carve it because I like to keep it out until Thanksgiving.  But yes, I do love the Halloween Candy.  My favorite is Reese Peanut butter cups and Twix Bars.  The big day is upon on tomorrow  but I have planned in advance for this day.  Here are some things I have done to prepare myself as well as GOING to do to get through the day and still stay on plan.

  1. I purchased candy that I DO NOT LIKE but little kids do.  Nerds, Bottlecaps, Suckers,  you know all the non-chocolate candy.  Yep, amazing even the husband doesn’t like them so the bags have not even been opened.
  2. Hold off on breaking open those bags of candy until just before trick-or-treaters arrive. Take it a step further and wait until Halloween day to purchase your treats!
  3. Prepare and have on hand some healthy high protein snacks for the day.  I don’t want to be handing out candy and be hungry at same time.
  4. DRINK LOTS AND LOTS of water the day of.  You and I both know this keeps us full.  Hard to think of food when I am full from water.  Hoping the craving for chocolate will pass as well.
  5. IF you have kiddies in the house, consider a candy exchange.  Several dentists in our area pay kids per pound of candy .  This is huge incentive to get rid of the candy.  Then take kids to dollar tree or Walmart and let them pick out some thing fun to do or play with.
  6. If you are walking with the kids, make it an exercise bonus.  One fun-size Snickers candy bar contains 72 calories. It will take a 19 minutes walk to burn that off.   That sounds like a bonus plan for me!
  7. Remember that Halloween, like other holidays, is just one day of the year. If you have a slip, get back on and stay the course.

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Protein, Protein, Protein

29 Oct

This has been a difficult thing for me to get in.  I do believe that my weight is slow because of this, my average is about 46-50 gm of protein.  I need MORE!  So I have been researching some different tips and ideas on how to get it in.  Here is what I have come up with:

  • Isopure:  1/4 of bottle to 20 oz of water (diluted).  I drink 3-4 of these water flavored/isopure drinks a day.  That gives me about 30-40 gm of protein plus I get in all my water.


  • Turkey/Ham and Cheese Roll ups: Two pieces of deli turkey rolled with two pieces of reduced-fat Swiss cheese will give you those 24 grams. I like to use Boars-head through the deli because it has less sodium and processed “goodies”.

turkey roll up







  • Beef Jerky: three ounces of beef jerky for those 24 gm of protein

Beef Jerky











  • Peanut Butter.  Just a tablespoon is perfect! My favorite go to for a quick snack, protein and a treat. (The fat content is pretty high, so this is an occasional treat.

peanut butter

Supreme Pizza Crust less Quiche

10 Oct

Supreme Pizza Crust less Quiche.

Pumpkin Steel Cut Oats

9 Oct

I love fall, even though we live in Florida.  Our clothing and leaves don’t really change but my yearning for fall color, seasons , smells and food are all about FALL right now.

What I dream fall should look like:









What Fall looks like in my back yard 😦










So how to eat yummy Fall food with this new “better” way of eating?  I am on a quest to find new recipe choices and I will post along the way.

First of all my favorite smell, flavor and food during this season is pumpkin.  Pumpkin pie, pumpkin curry, pumpkin ravioli.. etc.

My first Fall recipe I will share is Pumpkin Steel Cut Oatmeal.

Pumpkin Steel Cut oats

Pumpkin Steel Cut Oatmeal


1 Cup Steel cut oats (I purchased in bulk section of Whole Foods, but Quaker has them as well)

1/2 can pure pumpkin

1/4 cup half and half (or any milk, I like half and half because it gives more protein and is creamier)

1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice

1/2 tsp cinnamon ( or just shake until you have what you want)

1-2 tsp splenda or sugar substitute

dash of salt.


3 cups of water and 1 cup of steel cut oats with a pinch of salt to a boil
turn down to med-low and simmer for 45 minutes
If consistency is too thick or water is evaporating , add a little bit more water and stir frequently
stir in 1/2 can pure pumpkin,  pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, sugar substitute and 1/4 cup of half and half cook until warmed.

Serve immediately

1/4 cup (1) serving

Calories: 135

Carbs:       11

Fat:              3

Protein:     5

Sodium:    10

Sugar:          4

A New Way of Eating

8 Oct

As I browse so many websites learning recipes and new ways to eat I have learned so much.


1st – We are not alone!  Many people have had weight loss surgery and they are all struggling with the same things.  What to eat, when to eat, and how much is too much.

2nd- Everyone’s tolerance for different foods is different where some people can eat chicken (I can’t ) and some can’t eat beef ( I can) so it is finding what works best for each of us individually with this new stomach.

3rd – Photos of food eaten look lots bigger than in real life. 😉  This image is from my dinner (see recipe below) this is a small plate and maybe, maybe 3 oz of food.  Looks huge doesn’t it?

small plate









4th – Cravings of big portions don’t go away until you eat the first spoonful and then mysteriously .. they cravings disappear.  So my eyes are still bigger than my  stomach but this time my body forces me to stop.

Eyes are bigger than your stomach










I want to share a yummy new recipe that I made this weekend ( it has now been my lunch for the past 3 days) .  I find that I enjoy cooking because I can take little tastes along the way.  Just sitting down to a plateful is not as rewarding as it used to be.  (keep the eye on the prize Allison).




The Pioneer Woman Mingas









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New milestone

8 Oct

Victoria secret here I come !

Victoria secret






I thought it would be fun to try on some old Victoria secret nighties that I have had tucked away for about 8 years . Not only did they fit me but I felt comfortable and sexy . Ok not like model sexy but proud and sexy for my sweet hubby .

5 week wrap up:

I have lost 30 pounds lots of inches and my clothes fit amazing !

ramped up workout schedule 3x a week at gym

no FEVER , feel great!

Here are so not so good things I am struggling with:

Need to drink more water

Need more protein  , then late evening I am hungry because I haven’t had enough protein .

Still can’t eat chicken or turkey ( comes up each time no matter how  it is prepared)

I really miss going out to dinner, a learning curve on how to be entertained without food.  Does anyone else struggle with this ?





3 weeks Post Op

25 Sep

HI Team!  It’s Allison, here is my first Post Op Video.

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Day 8 post op

8 Sep

My New BFF

So this week has been interesting . Everyday around 4:00 I get a fever , it climbs to about 100.2 and I can’t take the discomfort and I take 2 Tylenol ( of course my go to would have always been NSAIDS) and it goes away . Next day I feel great , starting to do more things then Bam! Fever is back .

Thursday night (day 6) it goes to 101.8 , next morning I call drs office and of course they tell me to go to ER.

Arrive at ER 11:00 a.m . Check in , Another IV is put in ( I have small veins so always a fun time) chest X-ray ordered . Oh yeah , failed to mention that I was having tight chest feeling and had pneumonia 6 months prior I was pretty convinced this is what it was . And I had not been blowing on my BFF ( yeah , I know double entendre) .

Chest X-ray came back showed no pneumonia (yet) but some infiltrates , but they admitted me drs ordered and wanted to do a CAT scan of my stomach for further evaluation .

Well , I just wanted my antibiotics and I wanted to go home .

I had the CAT scan at about 7:00pm and I was cleared to go home after the radiologist says it is clear .

Well they admitted me to an overflow room . One large room with 6 beds petitioned off by curtains . Well I was willing to do this because my intent was to go home ! 7:00, 8:00 , 9:00 no radiology report .

10:00 and the natives are getting restless . The dude next to me decides that he wants to chat through the curtains . He is a RNY patient from 3 years ago , he and his wife are long haul truckers , he lost 250 pounds , he loves strawberry protein drinks , needs a banana bag for his hospital stay , he has had 5 hernia operations all over the country . ……. 11:00 no report ……. He is unhappy about the overflow room , doesn’t understand the nurses and why since he was here earlier in the week he had to give the same information again , and his favorite Popsicles are orange……. 12:00 am no report . I ask nicely hey , great conversation however you getting sleepy yet ?
“Ahh heck no I am bipolar and have been awake for 4 days ” ahhhhhhhhhhh I see knowing this is going to be a very long night !

1:00 am report comes in . Not the news I was hoping or expecting . ” an encapsulated hematoma has been detected ” I am not going home .

So a sweet sweet nurses aide comes to me and says well you aren’t sleeping want to go hunt down some sugar free Popsicles ?

Ahhhh now this is an Angel sent from God . We walked to the bariatric floor and she went and talked to charge nurse and got Popsicles . We walked back and gave the orange one to my bipolar friend ( oh yea all lights are on movie is blasting , so the natives didn’t calm while I was gone ) .

2:00 am sweet Nurse comes over to me and says transport is here for you , a room has come open on the bariatric floor . Ahhhhhhh. I may get some sleep after all . Bipolar friend is ranting why he isn’t getting a room and that is all I heard until the peaceful wheelchair ride to the 3rd floor .

Beautiful welcoming room with soft ambient lighting ( never noticed this last week when I was here ) was a sight for sore eyes .

20130907-213207.jpg I was so happy I took the picture upon arrival .

IV fell out again , had to be replaced new blood work had to be drawn so finally fell asleep about 4:00 am . 7:00 am change of duty , rounds and on and off sleeping , with whispering a of another surgery .

10:00 am Dr arrives and explains :

Fever is because of several things :
1) dehydrated ( yep not drinking enough fluids . guilty !
2) lungs diminished due to me not blowing my BFF
3) encapsulated hematoma of my spleen ( large blood filled bruise is how I interpret this ) this is from surgery and might even be common but most people don’t have CAT scans that soon after surgery to know . He feels confident that surgery is not needed .

Yahoo ! Great news !
I was sent home with heavy antibiotics , drink your water !!! Blow my BFF lots ! And come into office next week for 2 week follow up .

I came home had a great day feeling good got cute toes done , pedicures always make me feel better .


6:00 I am excited to have my first puréed meal . Chopped ham blended in food processor with laughing cow cheese . Sounded yummy at the time , I ate 3 oz and so so full !

Feeling achy and tired take temp back to 99.8 . Yep I am not done yet . Blow , blow , blow , sip , sip , sip .

Now who said this was the easy way to lose weight ?

Lessons Learned
1) drink fluids
2) blow on the BFF every hour 10 times when awake
3) thankful for sweet nurses
4) follow drs advice !

Feeling confident that tomorrow will be better .

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