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Resisting Temptation

20 Sep

I think that any person who has struggled with obesity and thus has a love/hate relationship with food has probably been here. And it’s really hard. My office is full of culinary aficionados. I think it’s just normal to use food as a means to social interaction. ¬†There is always some food, somewhere and it’s usually loaded with carbs.

Fridays are our eating out days when we usually go to lunch at local restaurants. Fortunately this gives me some control over what I eat. However, most Friday mornings people will bring in Dunkin Donuts, Einstein’s Bros, muffins or all of the above. And just forget about all the birthdays, baby showers and other celebratory events. And so, when you’re trying to avoid carbs and someone sets a dozen glazed donuts and a box full of bagels 3 feet away, it can be terribly overwhelming and a little bit frustrating.¬†

So, how do you avoid the temptations? Cuz, to be honest, sitting here with my cup of water and Coconut Isopure isn’t doing it for me! I can’t really walk away because I sorta work here. So far they’ve been there 2 1/2 hours and I’ve resisted, but I’ve considered having “just half of one”. I’ve adjusted MFP to see what it would do to my day if I just had one.

I tell you, confronting food issues is really tough. Allison (who is now 3 weeks post-sleeve) told me that it’s hard to find anything appetizing anymore. In a way, it’s the thing I’m most looking forward to. I don’t want to be controlled by food, I want to be able to eat because I have to to fuel my body. I’m looking forward to having a tool that helps me manage these food issues.

But for now, I’m just saying no to temptation, because I know in 26 days my life will drastically change and I’m going to take control now.

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